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750 Mini Aqua House

Instananeous Capacity

20 people

Occupy Area


Slide Number


Interactive Elements


Interactive Fun with 20 Elements

The 750 Mini Aqua House is packed with 20 interactive features that engage young minds and bodies. From water cannons and splash pads to geysers and tipping buckets, each element is designed to stimulate exploration and playful learning, ensuring hours of entertainment.

Child-Safe Slides

Featuring four small slides tailored to the size and abilities of toddlers, this mini aqua house offers safe, age-appropriate thrills that parents can trust. The slides are gentle yet exciting, perfect for little adventurers taking their first slide into fun water play.

Compact Design for Any Space

Designed with a compact footprint, the 750 Mini Aqua House is an excellent addition to any water park, community pool, or resort. It maximizes entertainment value without requiring extensive space, making it easy to install in both new and existing facilities.

Promotes Social Interaction and Imagination

The 750 Mini Aqua House is designed to foster social skills and imaginative play among young children. As they engage with the various interactive elements and share the fun with peers, they learn important social behaviors such as sharing, teamwork, and communication. This environment encourages them to create and explore imaginary scenarios, enriching their play experience and developmental growth.

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