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Electromagnetic Catapult

296 M

3 Person

540 riders/hour

Raft Slide

Take the plunge with our Electromagnetic Catapult, where power meets adrenaline!

Embark on the exhilarating journey of our Single Electromagnetic Catapult, a ride that perfectly balances thrill with enduring fun!

This slide is designed with a powerful electromagnetic propulsion system that launches you effortlessly, sending you soaring up to 15 meters high. Feel the exhilarating lift as you experience a gentle moment of weightlessness, then enjoy a long, winding descent that keeps the excitement going.

Ideal for those who love a good thrill but also appreciate the joy of a leisurely slide, this attraction offers a unique blend of high-speed ascents and prolonged, playful glides. It’s more than just a quick thrill; it’s an extended adventure that invites you to revel in the fun of flying and sliding, time and time again.

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