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Interactive House II

Instananeous Capacity

120 people

Occupy Area


Slide Number


Interactive Elements


Rich interactive elements

The water play structure is a treasure trove of fun with nine thrilling slides and 45 interactive elements. Each slide offers a unique experience, from gentle slopes for the little ones to more adventurous descents for older kids. The 45 interactive features, including water cannons, tipping buckets, spray nozzles, and splash pads, ensure that every visit is filled with discovery and excitement. This variety keeps children engaged and entertained, encouraging exploration and imaginative play in a water-filled wonderland.

Large passenger capacity

Designed to accommodate over 120 guests simultaneously, this water play structure is an excellent solution for handling large crowds, reducing wait times, and increasing overall satisfaction. Its large capacity makes it perfect for busy days, allowing many families to enjoy the fun without overcrowding. This feature is particularly beneficial for large parks and resorts aiming to entertain numerous guests while maintaining a smooth flow of visitors.

Suitable for Age Groups (3-10)

This water structure is uniquely designed to cater to a wide age range, from toddlers to pre-teens. For younger children aged 3-5, the structure offers safe, engaging activities that help develop physical skills and confidence in water. For children aged 6-10, it provides more challenging features that stimulate more advanced motor skills and adventurous spirits. This broad age suitability makes it an ideal investment for venues that aim to attract families with children of various ages, ensuring that siblings can play together in a safe and fun environment.

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