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Speed Space Bowl

12 M

1 Person

120 riders/hour

Body Slide

Experience the Heart-Stopping Thrills of the Vanishing Floor Water Slide!

Step onto the launch pad of our Thriller Water Slide, where heart-pounding excitement awaits at every turn. Feel the anticipation build as you stand poised for adventure—then, in an exhilarating instant, the floor vanishes beneath you. Plunge into a breathtaking drop at speeds of up to 60 km/h, diving headfirst into a vertical loop that spirals you into the depths of adrenaline-pumped fun. But the thrill doesn’t stop there; you’re swiftly swept into a massive bowl, where you’ll twirl around five dizzying times, each spin ratcheting the excitement higher. Finally, culminate your thrilling journey with a splash into the water tank below. This slide isn’t just a ride; it’s an epic adventure that tests your bravery and leaves you craving more.

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