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Super Mario

30 M

4 Persons

200 riders/hour

Raft Slide

Boomerang Blast: Ride the Waves on the Super Mario Slide

Dive into the thrilling world of the Super Mario Slide, a boomerang-shaped marvel that promises an unforgettable adventure for all thrill-seekers.

This dynamic slide whisks riders away on a high-speed journey, beginning with an intense climb that builds anticipation and excitement. As you reach the peak, prepare for the heart-pounding drop that propels you swiftly along the curved path, mimicking the motion of a boomerang. The unique shape enhances the exhilarating sensation of speed and gravity, creating a roller coaster-like experience on water.

Perfect for adventure enthusiasts and Mario fans alike, the Super Mario Slide offers a burst of adrenaline and a splash of fun, making it a standout attraction at any water park.

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