Introduction: In the realm of waterpark operations, safety is the cornerstone of every design and operational decision. A waterpark’s safety chain is as strong as its weakest link, and with each additional link, the probability of a failure increases. Recognizing this, our approach to safety design focuses on simplifying and automating operations wherever possible, effectively shortening the chain and minimizing risks. In this blog, we explore how this strategy enhances safety and reliability in waterpark attractions.

The Weak Link Dilemma: Every operational chain consists of numerous links, from design and manufacturing to installation, maintenance, and daily operation. Each link represents a potential point of failure. The more complex and lengthy this chain, the greater the risk of an issue arising that could compromise safety.

Guests safety is our top priority

At design stage, we place the highest value on ensuring that all systems and mechanical components are designed to be fault-tolerant and redundant. We require all user interface to be intuitive and easy to operate. Not only we rely on software to simulate riding experience and stress test the slide, for every slide we built a prototype for comprehensive risk analyses help to thoroughly evaluate all aspects of the product.

During production, every batch of materials are subject to documentation and quality inspections.

Before the attraction is available to the public, the equipment is once again thoroughly inspected and tested on site.

Our Strategy: Shortening and Automating the Chain

To address this, we employ a two-pronged strategy: shortening the operational chain and automating processes. Here’s how these principles are applied:

  1. Simplified Design and Manufacturing:

    • Integrated Components: By designing rides with integrated components that require fewer connections and moving parts, we reduce the number of potential failure points.
    • Modular Systems: Modular designs allow for easier assembly and disassembly, simplifying maintenance and repairs, and reducing the complexity of the operational chain.
  2. Automated Safety Systems:

    • Real-Time Monitoring: Advanced sensors and monitoring systems are embedded in our rides to continuously track performance and detect any anomalies. These automated systems provide real-time data and alerts, enabling swift response to potential issues.
    • Automated Controls: Automation in control systems ensures consistent and precise operation of rides, reducing the reliance on manual intervention and thereby minimizing human error.
  3. Streamlined Installation and Maintenance:

    • Pre-Configured Assemblies: By delivering rides in pre-configured assemblies, we simplify the installation process. This approach reduces on-site assembly time and potential errors during setup.
    • Scheduled Maintenance Alerts: Automated systems also track usage and wear, providing alerts for scheduled maintenance. This proactive approach helps to prevent issues before they arise, ensuring continuous safe operation.
  4. Training and Support:

    • Comprehensive Training: While automation reduces the need for manual intervention, it’s crucial that operators are well-trained. We provide thorough training programs that cover the operational aspects of our rides, ensuring staff are equipped to handle any situation.
    • Ongoing Support: Our commitment doesn’t end at installation. We offer continuous support and updates to our clients, ensuring that safety systems remain up-to-date and effective.

Real-World Applications: Our approach to safety design has been successfully implemented in numerous waterparks. For instance, our latest wave pool features integrated sensors and automated controls that have drastically reduced the occurrence of operational issues. In another example, our modular water slide designs have simplified maintenance, resulting in fewer downtimes and consistently safe operation.

Conclusion: In the pursuit of creating safe and enjoyable waterpark experiences, the key lies in recognizing and addressing the complexities of the operational chain. By designing shorter and more automated links, we significantly reduce the risk of failure, ensuring that safety is maintained at the highest level. Our commitment to innovation and safety drives us to continually refine our processes, ensuring that our rides not only meet but exceed safety standards. Through simplification and automation, we create robust, reliable attractions that provide peace of mind for operators and unforgettable experiences for guests.

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