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about tailong

Since 1986

Tailong Amusement Co., founded in 1986 during a period of economic reform and infrastructure development in China, has established itself as a prominent manufacturer of waterpark slides. Our journey began with the construction and operation of our own waterpark in Chongqing, where we meticulously designed and built all the attractions. This endeavor not only allowed us to gain valuable insights into the needs of waterpark operators but also provided us with a niche understanding of the industry as operators ourselves. Today, this division of our company is known as Merry Pi and continues to thrive, with two successful waterpark ventures currently in operation.

Based on the successful experience of the first park, people started to notice this young field. As a result, we were brought on to provide slides for the first waterpark in Shanghai,The Jinjiang Water Park. Our previous operator insight proved to be profoundly useful, several new attractions in that project which would go on to change the Chinese water park industry forever.

Today within China’s borders, the name Tailong is the name to know when waterpark operators want to build a new park or adding attractions to existing parks. We are known to supply innovative and safe products, as well as individual, customized services. We have long-standing and trustful relationships with our customers and we are proud that many of our customers choose us again and again as a partner for their new attractions.

As a leading manufacturer of waterpark attractions, we are the founding members and the vice chair of the board of the China Attraction and Amusement Park Association.
The only waterslide manufacturer that won the Famous Brand Product title in the industry.

The only waterslide manufacturer that won the Famous Brand Product title in the industry.

At design stage, we place the highest value on ensuring that all systems and mechanical components are designed to be fault-tolerant and redundant. We require all user interface to be intuitive and easy to operate. Not only we rely on software to simulate riding experience and stress test the slide, for every slide we built a prototype for comprehensive risk analyses help to thoroughly evaluate all aspects of the product.

During production, every batch of materials are subject to documentation and quality inspections.

Before the attraction is available to the public, the equipment is once again thoroughly inspected and tested on site.

Quality that lasts 20 years

At Tailong we believe performance is nothing without long-lasting reliability. That’s why we combine constant innovation with expert craftsmanship and pay the meticulous devotion to detail that makes sure that our slides are built to last, and that’s why our slides are designed to be particularly low and easy to maintain.

It is no secret that practice makes perfect. Before hand the slides to you they must go through a series of stress tests, where others are satisfied after a few rounds of testing, we go further for longer. We prove our performance with up to 2000 rounds of testing.

Our installation in 1995 at ShanHai Guan Water Park, after 27 years, are still operating today. Year 2019 summer the park hosted 840,000 guests.

Partner you can count on

We understand waterpark’s success depends on teaming up with a reliable supplier, which means receiving quality, timeliness, competitiveness and innovation. These are qualities operators hope to find and receive continuously throughout the supply chain relationship. We strive to orchestrate customer success through delivering high quality products and seamless customer experiences. We are proud to be partner of choice of these parks.

if you have any questions or would like more information about our products and services, we’re here to address all your concerns.