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Tornado Surfing

Mimics Nature’s Perfect Wave

The Tornado Surfing experience is engineered to replicate the ideal wave shape found in nature, providing surfers with a curving wave that offers the ultimate realistic surfing experience. This precision design allows both beginners and experienced surfers to practice and enjoy surfing as if they were on the best beaches in the world.

Continuous Surfing Action

Unlike natural ocean waves that require waiting for the right conditions, Tornado Surfing delivers consistent, perfectly shaped waves that ensure non-stop action. This means more time on the wave and less time waiting, maximizing enjoyment and effective practice time.

Attracts Surf Enthusiasts and Spectators

The unique appeal of surfing a near-natural wave indoors draws not only participants but also spectators. The allure of watching surfers ride these beautiful, endless waves makes the Tornado Surfing a popular attraction, significantly boosting foot traffic and creating a vibrant, lively atmosphere within the facility.

Surfer No.



W 15.6 m x L 17 m


505 kW/hr

Tank Size


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